Divine Quotations of Revered by Gurudev March 2001


March 2001

Your heart beats are now one with mine. From your lips pour out my own words. Your souls are now filled with my own consciousness. Your eyes now reflect my dreams and your body has started to fill up with my fragrance.

Siddhashram is a divine and sacred land and even the great Rishis and Yogis remain eager to gain entrance to this wonderful seat of Sadhanas. It is the highest seat of spiritual accomplishments where a Sadhak could attain to success in the most tough Sadhanas. One could enter it in the physical form or after leaving the mortal frame. Once one has been there one not just becomes divine rather one gains the capability of leading the future generations to the highest seat of spiritual attainment.

“All of you are going on the wrong path.” All of a sudden revered Sadgurudev’s voice sounded angry. “You think that the great soul before you is a common man. You are not able to realise the true worth of the Dikshas given by him. You are forsaking the treasures of a huge ocean and you are looking for pearls in ponds and ditches. Wake up while there still is time. These so-called Gurus who show miracles cannot give you anything. They would give only if they had something. They do not have anything. What can they give you?”

Every person in this world is running after something. Sometimes he joins some

We Yogis and Sanyasis feel like laughing at your thinking. You are like the foolish beggar who finds a bagful of diamonds and thinking that they are glass pieces distributes them among the children. When we see the selfishness, cunningness and deceit in you we pity you. You are on the bank of a holy river the Dev Ganga and still you canno free yourself of your sins and weaknesses.

I do not need disciples who are cowards, who cannot stand up against the obstacles and opposition, who start to feel perturbed in difficult situations. I like disciples who can kick at the obstacles that lie on the way, who can overcome all problems, who remain ever eager to obey me and who are ready to give up all other links to be with me. Such individuals are part of my heart and soul. Their names are etched on my heart.

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