For Wealth and Prosperity in Life Saadhakaanaam Sukham Katreem Sarva Lok Bhayankareem i.e. Bhagwati Tara bestows prosperity to the Sadhaks. Even great Yogis like Vashishtth, Vishwamitra, Ravan, Gorakhnath have accepted the greatness of Tara Sadhana. It was due to Sadhana of Tara that Kuber could become the Lord of Wealth. Tara Sadhana is very easy to accomplish and hence it is a must for Sadhaks. In the present age wealth is a measure of a person’s worth. Even for good tasks one needs wealth. The above Yantra has been prepared in very special and auspicious moments. Just by keeping it in the house one can get miraculous results and attain to wealth and prosperity in life.