SADHANA Extracts

Through Sadhanas even impossible looking tasks are accomplished. Basically Sadhanas aim at confluence of two energies – that of the subconsciousness and that of the deity who is propitiated through a ritual. The propitiation is done through Mantra chantings which are special divine incantations to which the divine forces respond very quickly. But sometimes even this combination may fail specially if the Sadhak is weak willed. In that case one needs a powerful Guru whose divine powers can boost one’s will to amazing levels. Such a Guru is Paramhans Nikhileshwaranand who has gifted hundreds of Sadhanas to thousands of Sadhaks and whosoever tried them with devotion got the highest level of success. This transfer of Divine Energy from Sadguru to Sadhak is Diksha..

Knowledge is Power Supreme and True Knowledge knows no bounds. Knowledge increases by spreading, and it banishes the darkness of ignorance, superstition, misbeliefs and fear. Every issue of “Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan” magazine contains a multitude of articles on Sadhnas, Mantras, Tantras, Yantras, Ayurveda, Kundalini, Palmistry, Hypnotism, Numerology, Astrology etc.Some Sadhna articles extracted from various issues of Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan magazine and books penned by Revered Gurudev are presented here. You should read the magazine for complete details on Sadhanas and other articles.

Thousands of different Sadhanas have been published in various issues of Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan magazine. There are hundreds of different Sadhana Procedures (Vidhis) to accomplish same Sadhana. Some Sadhanas extracted from latest issues of Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan magazine are listed below.

Some general articles on performing Sadhana :

“The Right Way to perform Sadhana”     “Preparing for Sadhana”     “Frequently Asked Queries”     “Obstacles For a Sadhak”

Sadhanas from Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan Magazine issues :

” Just Try and See ” from May, 2008 Issue
” Past Life ” from April, 2008 Issue
” Sadhana of the Sun ” from March, 2008 Issue
” Boost Your Brains ” from February, 2008 Issue
” Santaan Prapti Mangala Sadhana ” from January, 2008 Issue
” Narayan Kalp Sadhana ” from August , 2002 Issue
” Jwalamalini Sadhana ” from August , 2002 Issue
” Parad Ganpati Sadhana ” from August , 2002 Issue
” Sadhanas for Marriage ” from August , 2001 Issue
” Are Houses Haunted ” from August , 2001 Issue
” Paarad Ganpati Sadhana ” from July , 2001 Issue
” Akshay Paatra Sadhana ” from May, 2001 Issue
” Dharmaraaj Siddhi Sadhana ” from May, 2001 Issue
” Sadhana of Sun and Saturn ” from April, 2001 Issue
” Chhinmasta Sadhana ” from March, 2001 Issue
“Sadhana for Protection of Health ” from February, 2001 Issue
“Shree Siddheshwari Sadhana ” from February, 2001 Issue
“Worship of Shiva (Shivaraatri) ” from January, 2001 Issue
“108 Divine names ” from January, 2001 Issue
“Riddance from Evil Spirits ” from January, 2001 Issue
“Panchanguli Sadhana ” from December, 2000 Issue
“Aakarshan Sadhana ” from December, 2000 Issue
“Megha Saraswati Sadhana ” from December, 2000 Issue
“Kaamdev Rati Prayog ” from November, 2000 Issue
“Mahamrityunjay Sadhana ” from November, 2000 Issue
“Mahalakshmi Poojan” from October, 2000 Issue
“Lakshmi Sadhanas of great Rishis and Tantriks” from October, 2000 Issue
“How to celebrate Diwali” from October, 2000 Issue
“The Right Way to perform Sadhana” from August, 2000 Issue
“Diksha for affliction of MARS” from August, 2000 Issue
“Shraadh Pitra Santushti Sadhana” from August, 2000 Issue
“Guru Poornnima Sadhana” from July, 2000 Issue
“Gopal Prayog for Children” from July, 2000 Issue
“Solar Eclipse Sadhana” from June, 2000 Issue
“Lunar Eclipse Sadhana” from June, 2000 Issue
“Uchhisht Ganpati Sadhana” from June, 2000 Issue
“Guru Worship ” from June, 2000 Issue
“Sadhanas using Moti Shankh” from May, 2000 Issue
“Swadhishtthan Chakra Sadhana” from April, 2000 Issue
“Quick Acting Bheirav Sadhanas” from April, 2000 Issue
“Sadhana of planet Moon” from March, 2000 Issue
“Miraculous Hanuman Sadhanas” from March, 2000 Issue
“Sadhana to Rid Addiction” from February, 2000 Issue
“Planet Shukra (venus) Sadhana” from February, 2000 Issue
“Lama Holi Sadhnas” from February, 2000 Issue
“Planet Shani (saturn) Sadhana” from February, 2000 Issue
“Durga Sadhana” from February, 2000 Issue
“Vaidyanath Sadhana” from February, 2000 Issue
“Some Simple Yantra Sadhanas” from February, 2000 Issue
“Amazing Mantras for new Millenium” from January, 2000 Issue
“Sadhna to get Mental Peace” from December, 1999 Issue
“Kanakdhara Sadhna” from December, 1999 Issue
“Another Mahakali Sadhna” from December, 1999 Issue
“Mahaganpati Sadhna” from December, 1999 Issue
“Kartikeya Sadhna” from November, 1999 Issue
“Sabar Lakshmi Sadhnas on Diwali” from October, 1999 Issue
“Simple Shree Yantra Sadhna” from September, 1999 Issue
“Sadhna to banish diseases” from August, 1999 Issue
” Face To Face With Divine Yogi ” from July, 1999 Issue
” Enlightened Beauty ” from July, 1999 Issue
” Gaayatri Sadhana ” from June, 1999 Issue
” Gurutatva Sadhana ” from May, 1999 Issue
” Garbhasth Cheitanya Sadhana ” from April, 1999 Issue
” Priya Vallabha Kinnari Sadhana ” from March, 1999 Issue
” Even You Can See Your Aura ” from February, 1999 Issue
” Telepathy ” from January, 1999 Issue
” Happy New Year ” from December, 1998 Issue
” The Mahavidya Sadhanas ” from November, 1998 Issue
” The Mahavidya Sadhanas : Mahakali – The Saviour ” from November, 1998 Issue
” The Mahavidya Sadhanas : Bhuvaneshwari – Bestower of Absolute Power ” from November, 1998 Issue
” The Mahavidya Sadhanas : Baglamukhi – The Victory Giver ” from November, 1998 Issue
” The Mahavidya Sadhanas : Tara – The Provider ” from November, 1998 Issue
” The Mahavidya Sadhanas : Dhoomavati – The Terrifier ” from November, 1998 Issue
” The Mahavidya Sadhanas : Kamala – The Wealth Giver ” from November, 1998 Issue
” Jyeshttha Laxmi Sadhana ” from October, 1998 Issue
” Anang Sadhana for Perfect Health & Vigour ” from August, 1998 Issue
” Propitiating The Ancestors ” from July, 1998 Issue
” Sadhana for Blissful Married Life ” from June, 1998 Issue
” Kriya Yog Sadhana ” from May, 1998 Issue
” Atma Chetna Sadhana ” from January, 1998 Issue
“Treasured Eruditions of Ancient India” from September, 1994 (English) Issue
” A Simple Practice To Get Rid Of Diseases ” from September, 1994 (English) Issue
“Some Simple Miraculous Charms” from April, 1994 (English) Issue
“Mahakali Sadhna” from April, 1994 (English) Issue
“Shree Yantra Diksha Sadhna”

Every issue of magazine contains detailed description of various Sadhanas and prices of specified Sadhana articles. International Prices of some Sadhana articles, books, cassettes etc. are listed on our website. You may also contact Jodhpur Gurudham on email/telephone/letter/fax to get the prices.

All kinds of material problems can be solved by performing Sadhanas and taking Dikshas. You may perform Sadhanas yourself to ward off malefic effects of bad planets and to counter the black magic done against you. You should perform Sadhanas yourself after taking Diksha to attain material and spiritual upliftment. Sadhana is the only way to get Divine help to resolve tensions & problems of material life and attaining spiritual elevation.

The chances of success in Sadhanas are increased manifold by taking Diksha as during Diksha, Revered Gurudev transfers a part of His own spiritual penance power into the disciple to steer him towards success. Guru Diksha is the basic foundation for spiritual and material success.

You need to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha. Guru Diksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. When you apply for Guru Diksha, you get a Guru Pitambar(shawl to wear while performing Sadhana) and one year subscription of magazine free along with Guru Diksha.

You should also take specific Diksha for this Sadhana to achieve complete success in this Sadhana.

You may either get Diksha from Gurudev personally or the Diksha may be granted on a photograph. The photograph should be a recent one, and can be of any size. However the face should be clearly visible on the photograph.

The Diksha is granted free of cost by Revered Gurudev.However, a token amount is charged for each Diksha which goes towards charitable causes.

Each issue of magazine contains detailed information on various rare and quickacting Sadhanas. You may click here for subscription information.

You may refer to our Frequently Asked Queries section to clarify general doubts about Sadhanas and Dikshas. You may also send us an email/letter/fax to Jodhpur Gurudham for further guidance.

Ideally you should meet revered Gurudevs personally to discuss about your problems & plans and obtain guidance. Only revered Gurudevs can advice you about the most relevant Diksha and Sadhana for you depending upon your aptitude and ability. You may meet revered Gurudevs during the Sadhana camps. Owing to busy schedule of Revered Gurudev, it is not possible to meet Gurudev everyday in Jodhpur Gurudham. Every month, some days are reserved and scheduled for meeting in Jodhpur Gurudham. These details are listed in the monthly magazine and are also available here. You may meet revered Gurudev on other days also. Please check by telephone about availability before going to the Gurudham. You should attend the Sadhana Camps to perform Sadhanas directly under revered Gurudevs’ guidance.

You should contact the Jodhpur Gurudham for getting Sadhna articles/books/cassettes etc. by post. Alternatively, you may buy them over the counter from our Delhi/Jodhpur Gurudham or from the counters at the Sadhna Camps.

All the Sadhna articles (Rosaries, Yantras etc.) are consecrated and energised by our pundits during auspicious moments for particular Sadhna. We do “Prana Prathistha” of all the Sadhna articles and make them more energised by performing specific “Cheitanya Puja” on all the articles. So, the chances of success in the Sadhna are increased manifold.

If you live in India, then you may send us a email/letter/fax mentioning your address and details of required items. We will send it by VPP. Alternatively, as VPP rates have increased recently, you may send us a Bank Draft of “Total cost of items” plus Rs. 60 (postage charges), then we will send the items by registered post. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 20-30% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

Sadhaks living in other SAARC countries (Nepal/ Pakistan/ Sri Lanka/ Bangladesh/ Bhutan/ Maldives/ Burma) can get Sadhana articles/books/cassettes etc. at the Indian price by sending a bank draft. Please add around 20-30% as Postal charges. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 30-40% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

If you live outside India/other SAARC countries, then you may purchase the Sadhna articles/books/cassettes etc. at the International Price by sending a bank draft. The overseas postage & handling charges are included in the International prices.

Please do not enclose cash in letter for payment. It is both risky and illegal

The “Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan” magazine has now been replaced with three sister magazines. These magazine are

 Nikhil Mantra Vigyan and  Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan and  Narayan Mantra Sadhana Vigyan