Divine Quotations of Revered by Gurudev May 2001


May 2001

In some past life, sometime surely I promised to you that I would make you taste elixir. To fulfil this very promise I have appeared on earth. I am calling out to you to come closer to me so that I could fulfil my promise.

The aim of life is to realise the Guru element. This Guru element can be realised only in the company of a Sadguru. It is in the company of the Sadguru that one can know the path that leads totality, that one can realise and adopt the key to success of this age. And the key to success in the present age is courage, manliness and magnetism.

If we really want to get rid of the problems of the present times then we shall have to sit in the holy feet of the Rishis and seek their guidance. We shall have to bow in their feet, because without the blessings of the Guru peace is not possible. We shall have to adopt the thought of Guruh Param Deivatam i.e. Guru is the Ultimate Deity in our lives.

Guru is the basis of life, the totality of life and the essence of life. His greatness is more infinite than the universe and larger than the earth. One who adopts a Guru in his life, one who assimilates the Guru power in every drop of one’s blood surely attains to success and totality in life. Then there remains no shortcoming, no scarcity in life.

By singing hymns, by offering sweets one sure can get some mental peace, but one cannot fulfil the needs of one’s life. To fulfil them one has to progress on the path of Sadhanas that makes one hard working and that ultimately leads to fulfilment of desires and wishes.

If there is love in your heart and if you try Sadhanas, you shall realise that each Sadhana has become very easy for you. Then success in Sadhanas shall become the basis of your life.

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