Divine Quotations of Revered by Gurudev February 2001


February 2001

Spiritualism means to make the extrovert mind introvert, to concentrate one’s thoughts and energy on the soul, to stop having frivolous wishes. This is possible when one talks about spiritual subjects, about the soul. Then the state of meditation is attained on its own and one realise the Supreme Guru element. A Guru is in fact the reflection of the soul of every human.

Devotion is not some potion that could be poured into a person’s mouth to develop true feeling of faith in him. Every person comes from a different family background and hence the Guru has to treat each differently. In order to make one conscious Guru has to activate the softer feelings in the disciple’s heart. At the same time he also has to attack the disciple’s ego in order to make him humble.

Lord has not gifted us this human life to waste it in useless activities and in the rat race of the world. Totality in life cannot be gained by worshipping stone idols and begging before them.

Every person in this world is running after something. Sometimes he joins some religion and sometimes he seeks the help of some deity. Still he lacks a true guide in life whom our ancient texts have called Guru.

It is very much true that until one has a Sadguru in one’s life there can be no meaning in life even though one might achieve great material success. Guru means depth and it is with depth that one becomes devoted.

The Guru’s work is not just to show you the right path. The disciple has to face paucities, tensions, poverty and problems in life and to remove these from his life is the duty of the Guru.

My words are fluent, they are not stagnant. My words are to give a pace to your stagnant lives, to infuse energy into your feet, to infuse determination and dynamism in your voice and to make your physique divine. My words are not meant to be listened by the ears rather their essence needs to be absorbed through the navel which is a divine centre in the human body.

Without a Guru life is like a burden. There is no enthusiasm or joy in it. Such a life has no goal. And there can be no more dangerous situation than an aimless life.

It is my most cherished dream that my disciples might reach the divine land of Siddhashram where life is really unique, where consciousness has reached amazing levels, where there is real purity and sacredness, where there is divine radiance all around. I want them to experience all this and return to the world and tell the common man about that great spiritual land. I want them to tell everyone how one can reach the highest spiritual planes by giving up one’s material goals.

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