Divine Quotations of Revered by Gurudev July 2001


July 2001

On the Path of Sadhanas there is no man or woman. Every person is a complete Sadhak.

When the disciple comes to the Guru he is like a lump of clay. The Guru converts him into a pot that can hold cool water. For this the Guru has to hit from outside although from inside he gives support and his love.

If a burning torch is moved fast in a circle then one would see a circle of light being formed. This circle is neither real nor unreal. Similarly life is beyond words. It is real as well as unreal. How can one get rid of worldly tensions? How can one be free of the false pride? How can one destroy one’s false ego? All this is not possible without a Guru.

The journey in the world of Sadhanas is from zero to infinite or Brahm. One who has realised the Supreme can know the Guru. One who has fused in the Guru can become one with the Supreme.

I have laboured all my life and have made roses to bloom in a desert. I have stolen light from the sun to enlighten your souls.

A disciple is the true introduction of the Guru. And one can become a true disciple only when one becomes fully devoted in the holy feet of the Guru.

Love is a unique gift of life. I have given you a divine song to hum, I have welcomed spring into your lives.

Now you are ready. You now have a path to walk on. You have a Guru and you can see in which direction you are moving.

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