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Diksha is the basic initiation, it is a sort of agreement between a disciple and his Guru in which the disciple accepts him as his Guru, with a promise to strictly adhere to his instructions and orders, and similarly, the Guru takes upon Himself the entire responsibility to take the disciple to the highest levels of success and perfection. The Guru watches over the disciple continuously and keeps on guiding the disciple all the time to perfection.

The chances of success in Sadhanas are increased manifold by taking Special Shaktipaat Diksha as, during Shaktipaat Diksha, Revered Gurudev transfers a part of His own spiritual penance power into the disciple to steer him towards success. Guru Diksha is the basic foundation for spiritual and material success.

Whenever one finds a true Guru in life one should take Diksha from a Guru and give place to him in one’s heart. Only thus can one achieve spiritual and material totality in life.

The Shaktipaat Diksha is a special Diksha. There are various types of Shaktipaat Dikshas for various purposes. One normally takes Shaktipaat Diksha to solve some personal problems (marital, financial, domestic, etc. ), activation of Kundalini, get success in some Sadhana, spiritual upliftment, success in meditation, Ayurveda, etc. 

There are various stages of each Diksha and ideally one should discuss Diksha personally with revered Gurudev. Ideally, you should meet Revered Gurudev personally to discuss problems, plans, Dikshas, etc. You may either get Diksha from Gurudev personally or the Diksha may be granted on a photograph. The photograph should be a recent one and can be of any size. However, the face should be clearly visible in the photograph.

The Diksha is granted free of cost by Revered Gurudev. However, a token amount is charged for each Diksha which goes towards charitable causes through Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Foundation International Charitable Trust Society.

Revered Gurudev has written various books You should read the book’s detailed description of Dikshas Revered Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji has various books in simple, easy-to-understand language about Diksha. Some of these books are “Diksha”, “Diksha Sanskar”, “Vishwa Ki Shreshtth Dikshaayen” etc. The books are available in English, Hindi and other languages. A partial catalog of these books is available on our website


Guru Diksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. You need to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha. Once you get Guru Diksha, you will receive a Guru Pitambar (shawl), consecrated Gurudev’s photograph, and detailed instructions on Guru Mantra, Chetna Mantra & Gayatri Mantra. You should chant at least four rosary rounds of Guru Mantra, one rosary round of Chetna Mantra, and one rosary round of Gayatri Mantra daily with Sfatik Rosary.

The Guru Pitambar (shawl) is a special Mantra energized shawl which is sanctified by Mantras to grant protection. You should always wear the Guru Pitambar (shawl) while performing Sadhana and chanting Mantras. You may wear it other times also to get protection. However, you need to take care to maintain the sanctity and should not take it to a non-pious place.


It is the dream of every person to get rich in the shortest possible time and without much effort so that he could enjoy all pleasures and take proper care of his family. It is not a wrong wish at all.

Whether one is engaged in spiritual tasks or material ones, one needs money. Money is a power through which 90% of one’s problems get solved automatically. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that a person has no value in the present times if he is poor, no matter how intelligent he is. No ancient text says that poverty is a virtue. One should try to get rich. And Mahalakshmi Diksha is a means of changing one’s fortune and getting rid of poverty. Remember Diksha is the basis of success in a Sadhak’s life.


Instead of just leaving things to one’s deity or to luck a person should also try to put in the best of his efforts. Even the gods do not help those who do not help themselves or who just sit idle leaving everything to one’s stars. But many times a person is not able to achieve the desired success even after trying his level best. Then what should he do?

If you have a particular goal in your mind and till now you have failed in attaining success in it for any reason like – lack of resources, lack of proper guidance, stiff competition, obstacles, or past Karmas then this Diksha can help you reach your goal in no time. All obstacles simply vanish after this Diksha is had and one soon fulfills one’s aim provided one has full faith in the powers of the Guru.


It is said that a Sadhak who has achieved the Siddhi of Goddess Tara is gifted with 24 grams of gold daily. When he wakes up in the morning he finds the gold at his bedside. Tara is one of the most benevolent of the ten divine forms of Goddess Shakti, called the Mahavidyas.

Having obtained Tara Diksha a Sadhak never has to face any monetary problems or poverty in his life. He has sudden and unexpected monetary gains quite often. Not just this, there occurs a spurt of divine knowledge in him due to which he is able to look even into the past and future. Gaining Tara Diksha also makes a Sadhak make quick progress on the path that leads to the holy land of Siddhashram.


Gaining Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasure) and Moksh (spiritual success) is the chief aim of human life. And most important is wealth, for one needs it constantly in life. The Goddess of wealth is Kamala. She showers her motherly love on her Sadhaks and bestows upon them all pleasures and comforts of life. For those wishing for material comforts must try Kamala Sadhana or get Kamala Diksha. Kamala Mahavidya is capable of removing poverty from life and bestowing wealth and prosperity upon a Sadhak. Due to Her blessing, one has all-round success in business. one gets a job if one so desires, and one even gets promotions in jobs. Experts of Tantra prefer Kamala Sadhana and Diksha because She is more powerful when it comes to banishing poverty.

This Diksha is the bestower of all worldly boons, for Goddess Kamala assimilates all the virtues and boons like fame, power, intelligence, health, victory, and wealth. Getting Kamala Diksha means gaining all that life has to offer.


If there is life there are bound to be obstacles, problems, and enemies even though one might wish to lead a peaceful and contented existence. A human has to fight poverty, hunger, problems in business, and a job. Even though one might be peaceful by nature, enmities crop up for no apparent reason. This can create fear and problems in life. What then is the way of becoming totally fearless and safe?

And remember even tensions, worries, problems in life and diseases can be enemies which can rob one of one’s peace. Even poverty or lack of resources can be an enemy and make life hell. The best and most effective means of tackling all enemies of one’s life is Baglamukhi Diksha and Sadhana.


Bhuvan means world and Bhuvaneshwari is the Mahavidya who rules this world. Her Beej Mantra is Hreem and she is worshipped even by Brahma. She is one amongst the ten powerful Mahavidyas and she assimilates both pieces of knowledge as well as power. The Third Eye of the Sadhak who successfully accomplishes her Sadhana gets activated on its own. Besides he gains true knowledge and intelligence. He also comes to gain a razor edge memory. Bhuvaneshwari also blesses one with all comforts of life. She is the destroyer of poverty and the bestower of wealth, prosperity, pleasures, and comforts. For riddance from poverty, a gain of wealth, and a happy married life Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana is the best. The voice of her Sadhak becomes powerful and blessed with the powers of Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and learning.


On obtaining this Diksha the three subtle channels of the Kundalini, namely Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna that control the mind, brain, and heart are activated. The three spiritual planes Bhu, Bhuvah, and Swah have originated from the form of the Goddess, hence she is known as Tripur Sundari.

Through this Diksha, one attains fulfillment in all spheres of life besides achieving success in the spiritual field too. If one is not able to achieve success in any Sadhana like Apsara Sadhana, Shiv Sadhana, Veishnnav Sadhana or Sadhana related to any Goddess then through the grace of Mahavidya Tripur Sundari one is able to get quick and resounding success.


On obtaining this Diksha one’s body becomes really healthy and powerful. Any ailment or physical problem that may have afflicted the individual gets removed forever through the power of the Dhoomavati Diksha. After Diksha, a hypnotic look appears in one’s eyes powerful enough to defeat even the worst of foes. The Diksha also works wonders in neutralizing the evil effects of lowly rituals and spirits. One is filled with fearlessness on obtaining this Diksha and then no person or situation can make one feel afraid. One starts to automatically gain a deeper knowledge of the science of Tantra after obtaining this Diksha and many subtle facts regarding this pure science start to become clear to the Sadhak.


Spirits and ghosts can sometimes destroy one’s life. In villages and backward areas and even in civilized areas, there have been many cases when families reach the verge of destruction due to mischief created by evil spirits. The Tripur Bheiravi Diksha is an enfailing remedy for such cases. Through it one is not just freed of the evil influence of ghosts, rather physical weakness starts to disappear and one becomes hale and hearty again. One’s self-confidence also gets boosted after this Diksha and one is able to overcome the most adverse circumstances and accomplish even the impossible-looking tasks very easily. After having had Diksha the Sadhak can go to any haunted place without fear, for then the spirits start to fear the Sadhak.


This is an age of stiff competition. You may do no wrong and yet negative forces keep trying their best to rob you of your peace. Insults prove more harmful to people with simple nature in comparison to cunning and evil-minded ones. There is no person today who does not have an enemy. And enemy means not just another human adversary, rather diseases, pain, tensions are also enemies which keep the person ever troubled. To get rid of these a person tries many things which prove to be a waste of both time and money. And still, he is not able to get rid of these enemies. Through Mahakali Diksha, a person can end all enmities and attain victory over all enemies both outside and inside. This Diksha instills divine energy due to which he is ever protected from all foes.


If one looks at the form of Goddess Mother Chhinamasta one feels frightened on beholding her severed head. But in fact She is a very kind and powerful Goddess. If one is facing problems from the enemies, if one feels that some evil ritual has been tried against one then this Diksha is the best remedy.

Not just this through this Diksha one’s business starts to flourish, financial problems end and one becomes healthy and robust. All physical problems are banished and one feels a surge of divine energy within. Through this Diksha, one can open the doors to success in several other Sadhanas. One remains healthy throughout the year and the seasonal changes have no adverse effect.


No one can deny the past lives or the effect of the Karmas of the past lives. These have an effect in this life too. One sure has to suffer the consequences of the past lives. Without negating the effect of Karmas one cannot achieve success in either the material field or the spiritual field. Through Shapodhaar Diksha one can neutralize those Karmas and one can achieve the success that is not possible even by hard labor.

Life is just not the journey from birth to death. We have not seen what Time is and we have never thought about time. Time is a continuous flow that has no beginning or end. We have taken birth so many times and died as many times.

It is our ignorance that we think that life is just the span from birth to death. Socially this might well be life but according to the scriptures, this is just a part of life. Even before this we have taken birth many times and we died and in the future too we shall be born many times. This is the way of Nature.

The Lord is very kind to us because we are not able to remember past lives. He has done this so that we are not affected by the relations, feelings, and thoughts of past lives. If we do then the present life could become full of turmoil. Just imagine what would happen if a person remembered that he was born in a certain city in the past life and a certain person had killed him for his property. Then he would certainly feel compelled to take revenge in the present life and his life would become unpeaceful. He will not be able to sit peacefully till he has taken revenge.

The past lives cannot be denied and neither can one deny the actions of the past lives. These actions do have an effect on the present life. In the past lives, one might have committed sins and one surely has to suffer the consequences of the past sins in the present life. Without absolving these sins one cannot be successful in any sphere of life be it spiritual or material. And the only and most effective way of absolving these sins is Shaapodhaar Diksha or Diksha for negating the effects of bad Karmas.

Through this Diksha slowly all past bad Karmas become neutralized and one gains all that in life that cannot be normally had even after years of labor.

In the Brahmavarchasva Shishyaabhishek Sadhana Camp held in Delhi in 1999 revered Gurudev gave Shaapodhaar Diksha and told about the importance of this Diksha. Hundreds of disciples realized its significance and obtained it. They realized that it is useless to try other Sadhanas till this Diksha is not had.

According to the ancient texts with the help of Tantra, a person can peer into his past lives and he can well see whether his actions in the past life were good or bad. He can well realize the mistakes that he committed in the past lives due to which he has to suffer in the present. He can also see the past good actions that are now fetching him rich rewards in the present life.

If there are fights and quarrels in the present life then the reason for these could be found in the past lives. One can look back and see why one has so many differences in the present life. For example, if one has illicit relations with a woman then it means that sure enough, one had some attachment to her in the past life too.

Many times a person feels very angry at God and one doubts his sense of justice. A person spends all his life in a good manner, giving charity, serving the Guru, worshipping God and still he has to spend a life full of poverty and misery. On the other hand, there might be a person who is cunning, cheat and a murderer yet he is respected in society and is rich and prosperous. When one comes across such instances in life one is forced to doubt the justice of God.

But nothing can be gained by getting angry at God. The answers to all such anomalies can be had from past lives. By looking into the past and at one’s actions in those lives one can know why one has differences with one’s spouse, why one’s son died at such a young age, why one is not able to become prosperous even after working so hard or why one has to suffer so much pain and misery. Till one does not see the past life one remains unaware of the real cause of all one’s troubles.

The chain of all past lives and the law of Karma is very complex. But these form the basis of the next life. When a child is born he is not born alone. Along with him, he carries the fruit of all past Karmas. As the child grows the past Karmas start to have a definite effect on his life.

Everything is not possible through hard efforts or labor. If this was so then labor toiling all day would be very rich. But this is not so. He is hardly able to make two ends meet.

Why is this so that your friend is able to attain success with the slightest effort while you are not able to make it big in life even after trying all so hard? Why do you have to face so many obstacles in life while other people do not seem to face any difficulties?

Ordinarily, a person starts to blame his fate and he starts to disbelieve in God when he faces problems in life.

But the truth is that if there is sorrow there is cause for it too. And the cause for sorrows is the past lives bad Karmas.

The fact is that the result of many Karmas of the past lives is carried forward to the present life. All problems, pain, diseases, failures can be attributed to past life sins. Or one might even have to suffer due to the curse of some soul. Till one is absolved of the negative effect one cannot progress in life.

In the past life, one might have intentionally or unknowingly harmed some living being, or one might have misbehaved with someone. Then the curse of that individual sure pursues one even in the next life. And when the opportune moment comes the negative effect accumulates and forces one to taste failure, pain, and sorrows in life. This is the law of Nature.

Actually, one’s own actions and sins are the cause of our failure. Because we are unaware of the past lives hence we shove the blame onto God and fate. We ourselves are to blame. Not just a common man even an Avatar has to suffer the consequences of his actions. In the Puranas, an incident has been narrated. Once Sita was playing with her friends in a garden and suddenly her attention was caught by a pair of parrots.

The two birds were playing in a tree. Sita was captivated by their beauty. She asked her friends to get the pair for her. The friends caught the male but failed to get the female. The male was put in a cage. The female was pregnant and she missed her mate very much. She was so pained by the separation that she gave up her life. As she died she cursed Sita that she would be discarded by her husband when she would be pregnant.

Time passed and years later her husband Lord Ram was forced to abandon her when she was pregnant. She was turned out of the city. The princess who used to live in palaces was forced to live in a jungle in the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki. Due to her past Karmas, she had to suffer a lot.

It is very necessary to get rid of the effect of past lives’ sins. Till one does not become absolved one cannot progress in life. One who has walked on the path of spiritualism can get free of this negative influence through the help of the Guru. One should surely pray to the Guru to free one of all sins. One cannot succeed in Sadhanas or in any sphere of life till one is not free of all sins. This can be done only through the grace of the Guru with the help of Shaapodhaar Diksha.

This Diksha is important for every Sadhak because without becoming free of past life Karmas one cannot attain success in spiritualism. It is useless to spray fragrance on a heap of garbage. Hence one should request the Guru to perform Shaktipaat and destroy the negative influence in one’s life due to past bad Karmas. Only then can one progress in life. Once this happens one is able to secure the blessings of one’s parents, deities, Guru, and thus one could progress in life like never before. Then even with the slightest effort, one could attain amazing success in life.

It is only after getting Diksha from a Guru that one’s heart becomes pure and one’s mind free of evil thoughts. Only then one starts to realize the difference between good and bad. Only then does the true goal of life become clear to a person. Then one ever remains progressing forward without falling prey to evil action.

If a Sadhak is not able to succeed in Sadhanas even after sincere efforts and neither is he able to succeed in the material world then the Guru suggests the Shaapodhaar Diksha to the individual. It is only through Diksha that one can be absolved of all sins of the past lives due to which one is not able to make progress.

When Guru observes that the past lives Karmas of the disciple are very bad then he has to give the Diksha in several stages because it is not possible to absolve all negative influence at one go. Otherwise, a Guru can bestow totality even through a single Diksha.

Every Sadhak in the world should surely try and get his Diksha because till one does not become free of past life sins one cannot succeed in Sadhanas. Shaapodhaar Diksha is a way of wiping off dust that has settled in the past several lives and making one’s life successful and total.