Tantra And Nature


Tantra Vigyaan-maayaatam – The special method of realisation of the Supreme is Tantra.

The misconceptions regarding the science of Tantra that prevailed in the society made it seem that soon this most pure and sacred science would vanish from the face of earth. And that would plunge this country into the abysmal depths of ignorance.

Realising this imminent danger one great and divine soul whom we know as Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali (and who is famous as Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand in the Himalayas and Siddhashram ) took up the challenge of resurrecting this lost science at any cost. For this he sacrificed his whole life but did not back out of the challenging task.

This science has survived to this day because of such very great souls who consumed the poison of the world and in return gave elixir to mankind. Even if a stone is thrown at a tree it still drops its fruit. Similarly such great souls bear with blows from the society but in return they give wonderful pieces of divine knowledge.

Mantra and Tantra constitute a science which can take a human to great heights of success and can make the life of a person total and complete. But unfortunately today there exists such a fear in the minds and hearts of the people that they even dread to speak the word Tantra.

Our ancient texts state –

Bhadram Karnnebhih Rinnuyaam Devaa Bhadram Pashyemaaksh-bhiryajatraah.

Stharei Rangei Stushtavaam Sastanu Bhirvayashem Hi Devhitam Yadaayuh.

i.e. The entire Nature and the universe is based on the energy of Mantra. All living beings, planets, stars and every word which we speak have as their base Mantra. In the text Brahmopanishad the word is called Brahm or Supreme. It is from words that thoughts and feelings are expressed. From them the mental set up of a person can be known. Through Mantras one can get linked to the Nature whose part we are. It is the Nature which is called Parabrahm, Pramaatma or God by the ancient texts.

Every word has a definite effect. It contains immense energy through which the desired effect can be manifested. Words can even cause explosion. A word might belong to any language but when it is spoken there sure is some effect. Of course the effect could be reduced if we do not know how to pronounce the words properly.

If you want to witness the effect of words then just call out angrily to some person or throw some abuses at someone. Instantly the other person would retaliate and in anger he will return the abuses or rush to hit you. But before trying this do find out whether the desired effect would be there or not. For example if you speak in Hindi before a person who knows only English then without doubt he will not understand what you are saying. Then of course there is little chance that he will react in any manner.

Similarly if you want to please goddess Laxmi and gain some wealth then chanting Hanuman Mantra would prove futile. For that you shall have to chant the Mantra of Goddess Laxmi. If you wish to call Ram and you start shouting the name Shyam, there is no chance that Ram will respond to your call. If you call Shyam, Shyam will come.

In the same way for different results there are different Mantras. If you chant the Mantra of Laxmi it means that you are fully concentrating on the aim of getting wealth. Then one shall have to not just concentrate the mind but also one’s efforts or the body (called Tantra). One shall have to make devoted efforts. One shall have to be very careful and not let any weakness creep in one’s efforts. And we also know that no task can be accomplished with just the mind and body. One also needs some equipment and that is called Yantra.

If a person is asked to create something then he needs three things 1. A healthy body (Tantra), 2. Will power (Mantra) and 3. Equipment (Yantra). If even one thing is missing the creation is not possible.

A group of words which we call a sentence in common language is called Mantra in the world of Sadhanas. The words which help the expression of one’s feelings and wishes and their fulfilment are called Mantra. Without Mantra, Tantra and Yantra no person can make his life successful and free of obstacles. He cannot make his life total. There shall remain some problem or other in his life regarding children, wife, respect, wealth or health.

Some people have wealth but they lack health. Some have both but do not have a spouse or children. Some have all these but there remain tensions and problems in life. Some have constant quarrels with neighbours. In the present age of gross materialism there is no person who is fully tension free.

It is a matter of great fortune for us that we are born in a land where great souls like Vishudhanand, Vishwamitra, Atri, Kannaad, Gautam, Sandeepan,Ram and Krishnna have incarnated.

Their names are immortal and any person interested in spiritual progress never starts any worship or Sadhana before first offering prayers to these great souls so that he could gain their blessings and energy for success in the ritual and for riddance from hurdles.

It has been clearly mentioned in the Gita that it is the body that dies. The soul never dies. It always remains present somewhere around in a subtle form.

To this day the divine consciousness of great souls like Ram, Krishnna, Buddha, Mahaveer and Shankaracharya is present around us. This is why when we devotedly call out to these pure souls there instantly appear solutions to our problems and tensions.

But the basic thing in the spiritual world is devotion and faith. If one lacks faith then even an idol of the Lord is no more than a stone. And if one’s faith and devotion is true then even lifeless stones can become live and divine.

In the Dwapar age when the battle of Mahabharat was fought Eklavya prepared a stone idol of his Guru and so deeply did he concentrate on it that he got directions from it and learned archery and went on to become the best archer of his times. Be it the science of Mantra or Tantra devotion is a must.

Why then do we fear Mantra and Tantra?

Tantra is a process of harmonising oneself with Nature and the universe. It is a process of coming together of two divine forces. It is like the confluence of a man and a woman, like the confluence of Shiva and Shakti. When they come together a unique creation takes place. The entire universe and the world has been created by the confluence of Shiva and Shakti. All knowledge including the science of Tantra has been granted to mankind by Lord Shiva. The creator of science of Tantra is Lord Shiva.

Every human is Shiva and the creator of Tantra. This is why our ancient Rishis said – Shivoham Shankaroham i.e. I am Shiva and I am Shankar. The Yajurved states- Tatvamasi i.e. You, O human, are Brahm.

Saamved states – Pragyaanam Brahm Gyaan Swaroop Chetan Jeev Brahm i.e. the true knowledge and consciousness in a human is Brahm.

Atharvaved states – Ayamaatmaa Brahm i.e. the soul is Brahm or Supreme. Rigved states – Aham Brahmaasmi i.e. I am Brahm.

If I am Brahm then I can create anything new. The creator of this universe is Brahma. And because a human can also create another human like himself is he not Brahma ?

This is why the Rishi said – I am the soul. If I am there this world is there. If I am no more than the world shall become useless for me. In other words it is because there is life on earth that the world has any significance. If there was no life there would be no significance.

When Nature and man are ruled by the power of Mantras then why do we fear Mantra? Does it not mean that we fear ourselves? Do we fear other humans or do we fear spirits and ghosts?

If you fear Nature then there is no worse coward then you. Then you have no right to exist in this world. Then you have no right to love anybody. Then you have no right to go to temples and light lamps. When you fear Nature how shall you have a glimpse of Lord Ram, how shall you treasure the picture of Lord Krishna in your heart? One who fears God cannot love Him or realise Him.

Suppose you fear your lover or beloved how then shall you get his or her love? How shall you win his or her heart?

When you fear to speak his name how shall you call him? The call that you make is Mantra and the process of making him manifest is Tantra.

Was Lord Ram not a Tantrik? Was Krishnna not a Tantrik? If you read the life stories of Ram or Krishnna you shall find that each event in their lives was instilled with power of Mantras. Every action of theirs was instilled with power of Tantra. Lord Ram learned the science of Tantra from his Guru Vishwamitra, and Krishnna from his Guru Sandeepan. When even great incarnations used this science then why do we fear to use it in our lives?

Lord Krishnna used this very science to manifest thousands of his own forms which sang and danced with the Gopis. It was with the help of this science that Lord Ram could defeat and kill the great warrior Ravan who was believed to be invincible. The entire war of Mahabharat was fought on the basis of Tantra. That was the age when Tantra was at its pinnacle. No ordinary human could have won the battle of Mahabharat on the basis of his own individual powers. Today people find it difficult to even manage their families. How can they be expected to win a great battle like that of Mahabharat? For that one would need infinite power and courage.

And this power can be gained only through Tantra. Unfortunately some unscrupulous and corrupt individuals have brought a bad name to this pure science. They know nothing about Tantra but just to satisfy their beastly cravings they have propagated that eating flesh, drinking wine, eating fish, sex and wealth are basis of Tantra. Tantra has nothing to do with these base practices. Such individuals make fools out of simple people.

When people approached such pseudo Tantriks with their problems they demanded money and put forward strange demands. And when their problems were not solved even though they gave what was demanded the people started to doubt Tantra. Actually these individuals had no knowledge of Tantra and their actions brought a bad name to Tantra. And the few actual scholars of Tantra finding this social condition intolerable left for the Himalayas for their own spiritual development and because of fear of calumny.

Mostly evil practices have been prevalent under the name of Tantra. Tantra actually has nothing to do with these evil rituals. If suppose some doctor instead of saving the life of the patient removes vital organs like kidneys, eyes etc. to make a fast buck, then it would be wrong to blame medical science for their selfish behaviour.

A Tantrik too is like a doctor of the spiritual world. Tantra is a powerful instrument. It depends on the person how he uses it – for good of others or for selfish interests. A knife can be used to cut fruit or perform an operation and the same knife can also be used to kill or rob someone. The knife is not at fault rather the person who is using it for evil purposes is to be blamed.

No power is good or bad. Every person has good as well as bad traits. Tantra is a process through which the good points can be highlighted and a new human being can be created.

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