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Though the books and the monthly magazine brought out by Gurudev provide in depth knowledge of all aspects of Sadhanas, yet new and old Sadhaks might have some unique individual problems which might not have found place in the literature. Or one’s problem might be such that it requires face to face discussion with Gurudev. No doubt Sadhaks could come to Guruji’s place in Delhi or Jodhpur, but it might not be possible for everyone to do so.

Hence Sadhanas camps are organised in every nook and corner of India, and some even abroad to give such individuals an opportunity to present their problems before Gurudev and seek solutions to the same.

Besides, these camps have further proved their worth by attracting complete strangers to the spiritual world who would out of mere curiosity join the milling crowd of Sadhaks to listen to the divine words of Gurudev only to end up taking Diksha and getting initiated into Sadhanas.

Commenting on the importance of these Sadhana Camps Gurudev once said –

“The magazine Nikhil Mantra Vigyan is brought out to help millions attain success in life, but the Sadhana camps are being organised to give practical experience to Sadhaks of Sadhanas. A magazine cannot speak out and tell you the right pronunciation of a Mantra. But once you listen to a Mantra emanating from your Guru’s lips your faith and confidence shall be bolstered. Also then you won’t be liable to mispronounce.

These camps are organised with an aim to give you totality in life both material and spiritual. If you are suffering from some ailment you cannot enjoy life, if you are burdened by debts then too life shall be miserable.

Whatever your problem without solving it you cannot rise high in life or enjoy it. But worrying won’t help you; for every type of problem there is a special Mantra and these mantras can be known only from a Guru who has mastered them. A Sadhana camp is the best place for gaining this knowledge.”

In the past two decades thousands of such multiple days Sadhana camps have been organised and millions of Sadhaks have benefitted from them. Through accomplishment of powerful Sadhanas they gained much spiritual awareness like what divinity means, what is the real aim of human existence, how powerful Mantras can be, what is the significance of Mantras in life and lots more.

“Sadhana camps are wonderful in another way. Performing Sadhana in the company of the Guru proves several times more effective and the results are instant.In these camps the Guru directs his spiritual rays towards the crowd of disciples and the experience is truly elevating.

Without doubt company of a Guru can do much more in helping one ease mental disturbance than can even medical help. These Sadhana camps offer an opportunity to the common man to be with an enlightened master and procure solutions to one’s problems.”




Please visit following links to obtain Sadhana Camp Schedule

Please visit following links to obtain Sadhana Camp Schedule