Divine Quotations of Revered by Gurudev August 2001


August 2001

If you wish to attain to knowledge then you shall have to go through the tests of a Guru. When the Guru tests your mettle you shall have to pass with flying colours. You shall have to smile and show full faith in him with your heart, soul and mind.

The Guru should not allow you to become another Paad Padam ( a corrupt disciple of Shankaracharya). The Guru should test you again and again. He should be unrelenting no matter how much you plead before him.

Shankaracharya made the mistake of giving knowledge to Paad Padam even before the latter had become free of false ego. When the false ego was shattered Paad Padam decided to kill Shankaracharya so that he could declare himself as the Guru. He committed this serious crime because he was not free of ego. It was the fault of Shankaracharya and he had to pay for it with his life.

History is replete with such mistakes committed by Gurus. And disciples have always tried to take advantage of these mistakes and have as a result tread on the wrong path. But I will not commit the mistake done by Shankar, Buddha or Mahaveer.

The Guru should not allow Paad Padams to be born. A disciple should try to become like Vivekanand through devotion and service.

If you are not devoted to the Guru then everything is useless. If you cannot serve the Guru then too it is useless. And if you are devoted or are serving the Guru you are not doing it for the Guru but for your own progress.

If you have devotion and you serve the Guru dedicatedly Guru immediately pays off the debt. The Guru does not wish to remain indebted. But it is the Guru’s duty not to bestow totality till the disciple is fully egoless. Till then the Guru does not pay the debt.

But the moment the disciple becomes egoless the disciple attains to totality and the Guru becomes free of his debt.