Divine Quotations of Revered by Gurudev December 2000


December 2000

If you want to have a glimpse of the Lord, if you wish to dance with the Lord, if you wish to give a permanent place to Him in your heart then you have to have a soft heart like a woman. A woman means one who thinks with the heart and only by activating the feelings of the heart can one know what true love is.

A man always remains divided whether to use his mind or heart, He always remains in a dilemma to do something or not. He always keeps thinking about the consequences of his actions. He always keeps worrying what other people would say. This state of dilemma is the work of the mind. And if a person remains in a dilemma he cannot love.

A disciple can get closer to the Guru only by thinking like a woman i.e. with one’s heart. By activating the feelings of the heart he can become fully conscious. Then he has only one aim, one thought, one goal in life and this is to make the Guru a part of his heart and soul so that each cell of his body could vibrate with the Guru energy.

Establishing of the Guru energy in each cell of one’s body is possible only through the medium of true love.

If you care to observe carefully you shall find that I am present everywhere and all around you. I vibrate in each particle of nature and am present in the fragrance of the flowers as well. Just look carefully at a flower. Do you not behold me in its beauty ?

You might fail to behold the beauty in a flower, you might fail to hear the music in the waves of a river but the fault lies not in the flower or in the waves. Nature has done its work. Now it is upto you to discover its wonders.

Spiritualism means to become aware of one’s internal beauty i.e. the beauty of the soul. A very small portion of the same beauty can be seen in the clouds above or in a flower in full blossom. But within is a source of infinite beauty with which you have never tried to form a link. It is within that you can find all divine powers and wonders.

It is my most cherished dream to see my disciples reach the divine land of Siddhashram and become permanently linked to its divinity, sacredness, piousness and purity. And one they have achieved this I want them to return to the material world and reveal the people here about this great seat of spiritual attainments. I want them to tell the common man that even without renouncing the spiritual world one can rise high spiritually.

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