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“I am foreseeing a great massacre in the coming months … and blood on the whole earth due to the arrogance of a neighbouring nation”… and gloominess would prevail in Dr. Shrimaliji’s eyes …

I do not know much about Shrimaliji as a Guru, but I am totally aware of his abilities as a successful astrologer. I have had the honour to accompany him in the Astrologer’s Conferences and have seen him presiding as the chairman of the World’s Astrological Convention. I have realised that through he is very sentimental, he is an excellent astrologer.

One experiences happiness and satisfaction on obtaining his glimpse and undergoes undefined intoxication on acquiring his company. A strange tranquility is felt and it seems as if we are sitting with a notable individuality or to be more precise a divine being. I have seen him smiling and laughing and have also witnessed him undergoing spell of gloominess and seriousness.

Yet, he is away from all kinds of mental anxieties and tensions. He is not affected by the family problems either, because he is always busy composing one thing or the other, let it be a poetry, a magazine or a book based on Astrology.

Shrimaliji is the first person who has opposed the stereotyped traditions and has thus presented Astrology to the society in other languages apart from Sanskrit. He established this science in a more relaxed and simple way. He tried his best to fight out the fanaticism and bigotism and it is only due to his great efforts that today Jyotish Conferences are held frequently at different places. Apart from this, Astrology and the people practicing it, are conferred a respectable place in the society. People have started looking upon it as an authentic lore and it has only been possible due to the amazing endeavours of Shrimaliji.

I have known him since a long time. He would always become morbid whenever a catastrophe was about to take place. When India faced the assault of China in the year ’62, I contacted him on the phone and said, “Shrimaliji, a calamity has broken on the country. What will happen?” Shrimaliji replied on the phone itself, “Through India will unstabilize a little, it will stand up firmly on the face of the world in order to redeem it’s self respect.” And these few lines proved to be true in the coming days. India faced a humiliation but was also filled with self pride and was able to contain itself. As a result India inflicted a crushing defeat on Pakistan, during their conflict. I had met Shrimaliji in an Astrologer’s meet which was held a few months before this war. I realised that Shrimaliji was very sad and troubled, and when I inquired about his anxiety and whether he was sound physically, he replied with desolate eyes –

“I am witnessing afflictions on India. The afflictions of war, calamity and catastrophe”. He recomposed himself the next moment and his eyes glistened with brilliance, “But it is necessary”, he continued, “because this will be the best opportunity for India to exhibit it’s self respect and the world will realise India as a complete power after this war.”

“What…?” I was dumbfounded.

Shrimaliji replied “Yes an adjoining nation will attack India in it’s arrogance.”

“This incident is bound to happen in the near future, I am witnessing a great massacre, uncountable war prisoners and I am foreseeing the land full of blood”… with this he stopped abruptly and started staring at the sky unceasingly.

All his prophesies proved authentic in a matter of months. Till today his lines are written in my diary as such, that it is right and necessary for such a war to take place, because due to this our country will be able to establish it’s own self respect in the world. After this war the whole world will realise that India is a complete power in itself.

After this incident, I could not maintain contact with him as he had ceased taking part in the “Astrology Conventions”, suspended his travels and was totally lost in himself. On one opportunity, when I met him in Delhi, I asked him the reason for not participating in the Conferences.

Shrimaliji replied, “Astrology is an honourable science, and when a respectable knowledge reaches the hands of lowly and petty people, it faces downfall. Faith is shattered and trust is withheld. I am seeing that people who do not possess even the basic knowledge of this science are claiming themselves to be astrologers of world fame, hence the downfall of this ancient knowledge has commenced, and as I consider myself unfit to sit amidst such world famous Astrologers, I have backed out.

And, I have also realised with dismay, that in every colony and community if a person is unable to acquire a job, he mugs up four-six books of Shrimaliji and claims to be a renowned astrologer. Apart from this he installs a board with “World famous Astrologer” written on it. In India today there are no Astrologers left of district fame or national fame, only the astrologers with international fame are presiding today.

I continuously obtained information about Shrimaliji through phone or other people and I intensely desired to spend a small period in his company and expand my knowledge in Astrology. He has such as unimaginable and treasured knowledge of “Falit Jyotish” that if I gain some knowledge from him and write a book on it, then it will be in itself a great service towards the nation. Though willing, he is unable to spare time and when I last met him, I found him totally engrossed in the composition of this Magazine and organising of Sadhana Camps. He has created a new path in order to resurrect the precious and ancient knowledge of India. He also stated “India is the prosperity of the world. Spiritualism, Yog and the Mantras are all Indian lores and they ought to be preserved. I will feel greatly relieved if I am able to utilize my whole self for this work.” With this his face was overwhelmed with confidence.

After this meeting, I couldn’t contact him for three-four years. I had moved to Europe for a year or two, and he also seemed to be busy in converting his thoughts into reality. However, I felt uncomfortable within and I desired to spend some time with him at any cost.

Recently I had the privilege to meet him at his residence in Delhi. He seemed weaker, but then also his face was gleaming with a glow of vigour, virility and dignity. I experienced a sense of pride and self confidence in him. There was no exciting news on the face of the world till that date.

One evening I was sitting with Shrimaliji in a balcony. He was reading a magazine when suddenly his facial features changed and he became serious. Keeping the magazine aside he started staring towards the sky in a sad and troubled mood.

I asked Shrimaliji why he was staring at the sky with such seriousness, when the whole sky was clear and filled with tranquility.

He gripped my hand suddenly and said that the redness of the sky is not elegant or attractive as it indicates the colour of blood. I am foreseeing pools of blood, a great slaughter, such a slaughter which is above imagination…. and all in the near future.

I became still for a moment. I recovered saying, “Shrimaliji, I am not experiencing such tensions in any corner of the world which can lead into a war. However, the world seems more serene, calm and peaceful than usual.”

Shrimaliji did not speak anything, but he uttered slowly “Whatever I am seeing is true. I am experiencing the flowing blood of thousands of people in the redness of the sky. The blood which shall flow because of war, haughtiness, arrogance and due to the will to make oneself famous.”

I remained quiet, but after a few days when I came across the news of America attacking Iraq I instantly remembered the prediction of Shrimaliji. He had just mentioned it only a few days ago, when he had witnessed blood in the redness of the setting sun, and when those days this great massacre was taking place, and the most sophisticated weaponry was being used, it seemed as if the whole world was going to be engulfed in blood. How precise are the predictions of Shrimaliji! How capably he is able to read the prophesies written on the forehead of the sky! Apart from this, he becomes greatly troubled and melancholy on experiencing such plunders and massacres. Only on seeing the emptiness and morbidness in his affectionate eyes, did I realise his agony for the first time.

I purposely reached Delhi during the war, only to find him sitting cheerlessly in his office. I said that whatever you had prophesised is coming out to be true. This war is being considered as one of the most fatal ones. The whole world is concerned about safety and moreover the equilibrium of the powers is wavering. Iraq is facing destruction and Soviet Union is not helping it in any way. Had U.S.S.R. backed up Iraq, America would not have dared to attack it.

Shrimaliji gazed at me, there was a deep silence and morbidness in his eyes. He said that it is Soviet Union’s limitations due to which it is not in a position to back Iraq. On the contrary I am witnessing the splitting up of Soviet Union, in the near future”, he added.

I was taken aback by this astonishing statement. I could not make out, how it was possible? Disintegration of a Super Power like Soviet Union was quite unimaginable. Who will believe in the splitting up of U.S.S.R., when there were no such indications.

I was myself full of doubts and I said to him, that you are saying U.S.S.R. will disintegrate. U.S.S.R. which is considered as the greatest power, an unbeatable force and which has made the whole world realise that it is capable of withholding the might of every Super power, and it is only due to its efforts that a power equilibirium has been maintained in the world.

Whatever Shrimaliji predicted at that that time is written down in my diary. It says that though Soviet Union seems to be invincible, it is completely hollow within and thus will face destruction. It will disintegrate in small portions and in the coming years the power equilibrium will be disturbed. The coming days will present America as a bully and thus it’s pressure on the whole world will increase.

I did not say anything, but my intellect was not accepting that such an incident could happen. It was a prophesy which could not be believed, but I did not want to cut off Shrimaliji’s remark in between therefore I remained quiet and left after conversing with him for a few more minutes. But history has witnessed, that all the prophesies of this great seer have come out to be true. A super power like U.S.S.R. disintegrated into small countries whereas America engaged itself in declaring itself the top most authority. In reality, I have realised that Shrimaliji possesses a divine power and he has deeply premeditated on the knowledge of Astrology. He has an ability to grasp the coming incidents. His predictions are complete and authentic in themselves.

A few days back when China had lent missiles to Pakistan, it seemed as if there was an intimate friendship between them. I rang Gr. Shrimaliji at Jodhpur and said – “We are placed between Pakistan and China, whereas the grip of America is tightening on us gradually.”

Shrimaliji replied on the phone itself- ” The coming days will witness our close friendship with China. It will prove to be our most faithful friend and a close ally …., and a new power equilibrium will be formed by India, China and one other country.”

It all seemed strange. China which had damaged our self respect and grabbed our land, will prove to be our closest ally! It was all unbelieving, but I have complete faith in Shrimaliji’s knowledge. The part thirty years are it’s evidence and I am assured that this prophesy will prove true in the coming days.

Shrimaliji is in fact the most unique astrologer, Mantragya and saint of this century. This is our great honour that we are living in the times of such a great seer,,,, Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji… , I present my humble salutations to him.

‘Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan April 1994 ‘5’

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