29 December 2016

Open the doors of mind

Everything is possible

Trinetra Jaagran Sadhana

Until our third eye activates, we continue to face misfortune and sorrows. We keep suffering, our relationships break up, our health deteriorates, worries and tensions fill our mind, and we do not receive the rightful fruits of our own actions. We continue to suffer through this state of disaster and misfortune.

We can alter our destiny by performing Sadhanas ourselves, and the fate changes only after awakening of the inner third eye.

Trinetra Jaagran (Awakening) Sadhana

This 11-day Sadhana should be performed only in the night-time. “Aagya Chakra Jaagran Yantra” and “Bhoot-Bhavishya Mala” are used in this Sadhana. Both of these Sadhana items should be Divine consecrated and sanctified. 11 Mala Mantra Japa should be completed daily. The Yantra and the Mala should be immersed into a river (or a running stream of water) on the 12th day.

You will certainly obtain success by the 11th day if you perform Sadhana with full concentration and faith. Many Sadhaks have already obtained success. Faith, Dedication and Trust are the key elements for success.

You should perform Guru-worship and Guru-meditation both before and after the Mantra-chanting. You should complete 5 mala Guru Mantra both before and after the Sadhana daily, if you have obtained Diksha. You should also setup Guru-picture during the Sadhana.

Sadhana Procedure

The Trinetra Jaagran Sadhana can be started on any New-Moon(Amavasya) or Sunday. DevPitra Amavasya on 29 December 2016 is the best muhurath moment to accomplish this Sadhana.

This is nocturnal Sadhana i.e it should be initiated only after 10 pm. The Sadhak should sit on a White Asana facing either  East or North direction. Spread a white cloth on a wooden board in front, and setting up Guru Picture/ Guru Statue/ Guru Paaduka/ Guru Yantra; meditate on the divine form of Gurudev Nikhil to pray for success in the Sadhana-

GururBrahmaa GururVishnuH Gururdevo MaheshwaraH |

GuruH Saakshaat Par Brahmaa Tasmei Shree Guruve NamaH ||

Bathe the Guru Picture / Statue/ Yantra / Paduka with water after Nikhil meditation –

Om Nikhilam Snaanam Samarpayaami ||

Then wipe with a clean cloth. Perform Panchopchaar worship-poojan with Kumkum (Vermilion), Akshat (Unbroken rice), Pushpa (Flowers), Neivedh (Sweets/Fruit offering), Dhoop (Incense) – Deep (Lamp); chanting following mantras –

Om Nikhilam Kumkum Samarpayaami |

Om Nikhilam Akshtaan Samarpayaami ||

Om Nikhilam Pushpam Samarpayaami ||

Om Nikhilam Neivedhyam Nivedayaami ||

Om Nikhilam Dhoopam Aagrapayaami, Deepam Darshayaami ||

(Show Dhoop, Deep)

Now rotate three Achmaani (spoonful) water around the  Guru Picture / Statue/ Yantra / Paduka and drop it on ground. Then chant 1 rosary-round of Guru Mantra with Guru Mala –

Om Param Tatvaaya Naaraayanaaya Gurubhyo Namah

After completing Guru poojan, make a mound of rice grains in front of Guru-picture and setup “Aagya Chakra Jaagran Yantra” in a copper plate on it. Light an oil lamp. You should light only oil lamp in this Sadhana. You may use any type of oil.

Thereafter taking water in your left hand, pledge thus –

“I (your name) am performing this intense Sadhana prayog to activate my inner third eye.”

Then pour the water on the ground.

After resolution, taking flowers in your hand, recite the following Dhyaan-meditation Mantra-

Aagyaanaamaambujam Tachimkara Sadrisham Dhyaanaadhaam Prakaasham |

Hakshyaabhyaam Vei Kalaabhyaam Parilasit Vapurnetra Sushubhram ||

Tanmadhye Haakinee Saa Shashisam Dhavalaa Vaktrakshatkam Dadhaanaa |

Vidhyaam Mudraam Kapaalam Damaru Japavatim Vibhratee Shuddhachittaa ||

Offer the flowers on the Yantra. Then chant 11 mala or following Mantra using the Bhoot-Bhavishya Mala-

|| Om Hleem Kleem Bhoot-Bhavishya Vartamaanaani Darshay Hleem Kleem Om Phat ||

Continue this process for 11 days. After immersing the Yantra and the Mala into running water-stream on 12th day, you should regularly chant this Mantra without counting for 5 minutes.

This prayog is a valuable trove of life and it is so intense, that you will start to experience strange experiences by the 11th day. You will start to sense the future, and will continue to get them throughout your life, moreover your para-normal powers will continue to enhance if you regularly  chant mantra.

And a day will come when you will be able to clearly view the future events, just like a movie. You may achieve this within 11 days also, but this depends upon your faith, trust and persevering passion.

And, after activation of Aagya Chakra, any problem or event of life will no longer be a unknown accident. You will sense the future events beforehand. Apart from sensing future events, you will also be able to clearly visualize how to prevent or avoid any future accident. This is really an important Sadhana in life, and you should use this medium to progress ahead on the path to Perfection-Totality.

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